About Us

Athena up is a company that differentiates itself from the vast amount of companies that currently exist, by directing its projects to solve social issues. The foundation that the company is based upon is that of a moral responsibility focused on change through innovation and the empowerment of persons.


The Athena Up Project was founded in June 2013, with the intention of developing a sociocultural environment to ameliorate the worlds living standard and having the possibility to help those who are in dire need of assistance. From the inception of Athena Up, it has been involved in charitable events and social outreach programs in several European countries. The initial project ran for an entire year after which the company shifted to a more self sustainable model. At the moment, Athena Up is focused on creating sustainable projects that are not solely dependent on donations of contributing business entities. As the company grows each day it is committed on having a positive impact on the world.


Athena Up sponsors and finances all those socially useful projects that bring the world a beautiful thing. Athena Up has decided not to accept media and partnerships with government agencies or profit-making multinationals the only goal.


Remember when you choose to use an AthenaUp product it means that you are contributing to all of its other projects, which are designed to combat many social problems that are faced today.