Unlocked money from Swiss bank

4th January 2020 0 Comments

Recently we have helped two different companies to get their money back from a Swiss bank after more than a year, for a total amount of 47000 USD. The two companies work in the sale of Cannabis Light and in the trade of crypto currency. The money had initially been deposited in a Swiss bank for the incorporation of the company, but later the bank opposed the opening of the bank account held by the company and the funds were blocked. Our customers asked help to lawyers, but the lawyers said that there was nothing to do because of a Swiss law, who says that the money would have been blocked because it was no longer owned by the person who set up the company but by a company banned as a “company operating in non-permitted sectors”. Athena Crypto Bank, without any request for advance payment, was able to unfreeze the money of the 2 companies, transfer them into others bank accounts and finally giving them back to their owners.

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